About me

Bears on your road?

(Dutch saying referring to percieved obstacles that in reality might not exist!) 

Lisette Schoutens

Psychologist, hypnotherapist

My motivation

It is important to me to increase the well-being of my clients and their quality of life in the shortest possible time. I am very focused on this, and I can often quickly understand where patterns and complaints originate.

From an early age I had the unstoppable motivation to want to understand why people do what they do ( in the broadest sense of the word ). My choice to study psychology was therefore very obvious. During my studies I became fascinated by the relationship between body and mind and I specialized in clinical neuropsychology (graduated MSc in 1996 at the Free University of  Amsterdam).

This was followed by a 25-year career in coaching and guiding people with often complex problems within the forensic framework. Over the years, I have been constantly confronted with the limits of mental health care. Think, for example, of the way in which clients sometimes are getting years of conversational therapy, but will always relapse into their original complaints. The way in which body and mind were treated as separate entities has always surprised me. This has led to a very personal and 12-year quest for other, more effective and holistic therapies that could provide access to the subconscious mind, that plays such a crucial role in the persistance of psychological (and physical) problems. That path led through bodywork, transcendental meditation, bioenergetics, natural psychedelics, shamanism, reiki, nutrition, yoga, NLP and eventually ended up in hypnotherapy.

It is very interesting to see that very recently the neurosciences (finally) are catching up and confirming what was intuitively known or pointed out in the traditions and scriptures of all the world's oldest cultures: that the functioning of our brain (and thus of the whole body), its connections ( think of: neuroplasticity ) and even the workings of our DNA is secondary to our thoughts ( which more often than not operate at the subconscious level ). The scientific studies that support the effects of hypnotherapy pile up and in my experience hypnosis is one of the most accessible forms of therapy that shines in simplicity: relaxation, introspection and direct transformation through a dialogue with the subconscious mind.

I would like to be your guide to this.